As a regional centre of expertise, Perspective produces rigorous and relevant analyses that it aims to put at the heart of debates and decisions.

As the initiator of the territorial development strategy, it offers integrated and visionary solutions to build the Region of tomorrow.

Center of expertise

Perspective develops usable knowledge about the Region as it is and as it might evolve. It produces and disseminates objective numerical knowledge of the Region, collects data and analyses socio-economic issues. Perspective observes the urban phenomenon, identifies the needs of inhabitants, and attempts to identify social trends. Perspective is and wants to remain a talent pool in which the multidisciplinary expertise necessary for the smooth progress of its missions continues to be developed.

At the heart of Debates and Decisions

Perspective networks different actors and drives the debate and the decision-making process in the Brussels Region. Thanks to its rigorous and relevant studies, analyses and strategies, it aims to achieve a higher level of take-up by the recipients. In order to ensure that the work carried out meets the needs of the community, Perspective encourages citizen participation and works in a relationship of trust and transparency with all its partners.

Initiator of the Territorial Development Strategy

Perspective proposes a territorial strategy at the level of the Region as a whole and its concrete application on specific perimeters. This territorial strategy is primarily embodied in the strategic and regulatory plans drawn up by Perspective. It is co-constructed with the actors concerned and is continually redesigned in the light of identified developments in the Region.

In this way, Perspective sets out the vision of territorial development and supports its implementation.

Integrated and forward-looking solutions

Perspective confronts ambitions and constraints to produce relevant and concrete solutions to the problems highlighted by its analyses and studies. Thanks to the variety and complementarity of its expertise, these solutions can be integrated and forward-looking.